The first away carnival for our 12 years Div 1 and all Division 2 teams in the Burdekin.  All players will be expected to get themselves to the Burdekin Netball Association courts.

The address is: 
50 Twelfth Ave,
Home Hill.  

We are asking that the girls be at the courts by 7.00am so we can set up our shades, get our uniforms on, warmed up etc. for an 8.00am start. If players need to have strapping done, could they please have it done before they get to the courts. It is generally all hands on to get everyone set up before the games start.

There is very limited shade at these courts TCNAI will provide the shade tents for all teams/umpires. 
TCNAI teams/players and officials will be required to sit with the team and will be able to see parents during games at the discretion of the Team Coach (e.g. if there is enough time between games etc.).
The Team Manager will provide an esky for the team to keep drinks/food cold during game days.
Players are encouraged to bring a towel/small blanket to sit on if required.


Your team manager for the weekend will have the uniform dresses and she will be giving them out to you on the day. These will need to go back to her before you leave. If you do not have the TCNAI bummers just wear plain black ones for the weekend.


There will be a large water container provided for the girls to refill their water bottles but if we could ask that they bring 2 water bottles with them (1 frozen is a good idea).  
In previous years’ it has been extremely hot during the day, so bring lots of sunscreen and a hat please.
A towel is handy to sit on and a face towel if you want.
Extra strapping tape if needed.
Lunch and snacks for the day.  There is a canteen there, but until we know the draw we do not know how long we will have between games to purchase food. We try to encourage the girls to snack often throughout the day rather than a big meal. 

Mobile Phones/Ipods/IPads Use

No mobile phones, Ipods or Ipads are to be taken to the courts. Parents can contact the Manager if needed. The girls will be given free time in the evening, a time to be decided by the Coach/Manager to use their phones. TCNAI will not be responsible for these items been lost or stolen as the girls need to be responsible if they choose to pack these items.