Updating involves coaches completing various tasks in a four year period following successful competition of an accredited course – Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced and High Performance. It is a requirement that all coaches who become accredited must continue to update their knowledge to maintain their accreditation.


Why Update? Updating provides an opportunity for coaches to:

  • Keep up with the latest information on developments within netball
  • Receive the latest general and specific safety information for netball
  • Have the most up to date techniques and coaching methods in Australia


How To Update? When a coach receives an accreditation after completing an accredited netball course the “update clock” starts. Coaches have four years in which to complete their updating requirements. By attending updating activities, a coach is able to earn points towards completing the updating requirements associated with her/his current level of accreditation.


Re-Accrediting – How Do I Do It? You need to send the following to Netball Queensland:

  • Completed Log Book – provide registration number if applicable
  • Any notification of change of address

Click here to download a PDF version of the Coaching Update Logbook.


Information regarding prospective updating workshops/clinics can be found in the Coaching on the Court Clipboard.
How many points do I need to update my accreditation? Netball Australia requires a coach to reach the specified number of points of updating activity for each accreditation level as listed below:

Foundation AccreditationAttain Development OR Complete 20 points in 4   years
Development AccreditationAttain Intermediate OR Complete 40 points in 4   years
Intermediate AccreditationAttain Advanced OR Complete 60 points in 4 years
Advanced AccreditationAttain Elite OR Complete 80 points in 4 years
Elite AccreditationAttain High Performance OR Complete 100 points in 4 years
High Performance AccreditationComplete 120 points in 4 years