National Umpire Development Framework

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Foundation Umpire Course

4.3.1 The Foundation Umpire Course provides an introduction to the basic techniques and knowledge required of a netball umpire. It is a prerequisite for all levels of practical testing.

4.3.2 The Foundation Umpire Course is an online course that is accessible all year.

4.3.3 Participants will have their result recorded on the national database.

4.3.4 A certificate will be generated for all candidates upon successful completion of the course.


And from the course itself:

Welcome to the Foundation Umpire Education Course. (formerly known as the Level 1 Umpires Course)

This course has been designed to assist you in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and enjoy your officiating role.

The Foundation Umpire Education Course is a pre-requisite for obtaining a National C Badge.

The course looks at:

  1. A good umpire
  2. Getting started
  3. Umpiring techniques
  4. Rules in action
  5. Where to now?

We hope you enjoy the Level One Umpires Course and discover the many rewards of umpiring our great game.

Refund Policy

Netball Australia does not provide refunds for its online courses. 

If the course enrolment has been entered into by mistake, and the course has not been attempted, a refund may be requested by emailing

Netball Australia will treat each refund application on its merit and make a decision at its discretion

Cost of course is $35.95

TCNAI to reimburse 50% = $17.90

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To take advantage of this, register for and complete the course, then follow the link below, complete the form with the required information, proof of completion and bank details, and TCNAI will get the money to you ASAP


Badge Competencies

The Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation system is an educational and development pathway,
culminating in a 4-tiered badge system – C Badge, B Badge, A Badge and the highest national
award, the AA (All Australia) Badge.

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Umpires are an integral part of any game. 
They are there to apply the rules to ensure a fair playing environment for both teams. 
Please treat all umpires with the respect they deserve.
Without the Umpire the game does not go on




General rules to go though prior to game starting

If you see it call it

If you miss it, don’t worry - get it next time

If you make a mistake - learn by it

If you had to think “that is an infringement”, then it more than likely is